• Indigo Dawn

DFY Christmas Graphics Packs: How To Use 'em & What Can You Do With 'em?

Whether you're a coach, or a freelancer, or a lawyer, gym-owner, plumber, or any other business... you want to engage your clients, customers, leads, and prospects in your social media and stay top-of-mind with your audience.

If you've already downloaded all the graphics packs, you know you have a ton of social media images, cover videos, and professional videos (with both voiceover and no voiceover). Below you'll find some ideas and tactics you can use in your own business to use these free done-for-you Christmas graphics to boost sales through the holidays.

  1. Of course, make the holidays easier on yourself and use them on your own social media pages. Schedule them out for the whole month and get it all off your plate...

  2. Send some out to your current clients as a "Thank You" for working with you this year...

  3. Use them in your newsletter to engage your list during the holidays...

  4. Use them in holiday gift guides you can put together in Canva to showcase your products or service...

  5. Create personal holiday e-cards to send to key clients and prospects

Some creative ideas to help your local business with holiday marketing:

  • Create daily theme days for your business and use Facebook Events to get the word out. Make sure to invite (interested) friends because once they hit 'Interested', it shows up in their newsfeed for others to see. Boost the event so you hit an even more target audience. If you can't think of awesome theme days and wanna talk it out with someone, that's my jam!

  • Create a special holiday bonus using promo swag and check-ins. It can be pens, hats, shirts, bags, mouse pads, flash drives, tumblers, coffee mugs, calendars, whatever! Run a contest where you have them post a photo with the swag and "check-in" to save a bunch on your product or to win a prize. It's gotta be something big if you're gonna attract a good crowd. If you don't want to discount your stuff, look into what kinds of incentives get your folks engine revving. Again... that's my jam!

  • Create events around the holidays: advent calendars, Christmas countdowns, daily contests / giveaways, letters to Santa, gift guides, holiday competitions / challenges, themed quizzes and games.

  • Display a product and ask your audience who they would like to gift it to and why. Again, make it good and make sure you set rules (like only people who like the page can win). Figure out your your logistics and pick your winner at random (or however you choose). Maybe even make it so BOTH of them win so they're doubly motivated.

Okay, I think that's enough to get you started for now without overwhelming you with more and more. If you haven't gotten the New Year's pack yet, go ahead and get started on that now. Why wait?