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Columbia Tree Removal & Maintenance Service 

We clear away trees and offer trimming services all over South Carolina. We have a great crew of licensed and insured contractors that make sure to care for your home, landscaping, and property just as much as you do.


Because we offer local tree service unmatched in its high quality, you’ll be able to relax knowing the work will be precise and exactly how you want it.​

  • Got a 100 ft tree leaning into your home that needs to come down? We’ll cut it!

  • Got a sick or diseased tree hanging over your power lines? We'll remove it! 

  • Got big branches threatening to damage your roof whenever the wind blows? We’ll trim ‘em!

We’re trusted professionals serving Columbia, SC and all surrounding Midlands areas here in The Palmetto State: Lexington, Irmo, Rock Hill, Orangeburg, Blythewood, Elgin, and more.


What kind of help do you need?

Why Us? Because your peace of mind is priceless!


We have the experience: Logging tops 2019’s list of the most dangerous jobs to do. When you’re dealing with chainsaws and tons of lumber falling around your home, your cars, and your family, you want to make sure you have the right team for the job.


We have the coverage: All of our technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in the state of SC so that you’re protected from any liabilities for accidents that may occur on the property. Our crews are highly trained and operate according to strict guidelines for maximum safety. We always make sure to use the proper equipment during every stage of the job to protect the integrity of your home and property, up to and including bringing in large equipment, like a crane, if necessary.


We have the pricing, We stick to the budget: No matter the job or project you have in mind, we will ALWAYS quote you a fair price and be totally upfront and transparent on the costs to get the job done right. We work within your budget, and with our level of experience, you’ll definitely be getting the most bang for your buck.

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How Do You Know You’re Picking a Good Tree Removal Company?

  1. A good tree company will, of course, be licensed, bonded, and insured. As dangerous as climbing 100 ft up a tree with a chainsaw and digging out dead trees with heavy machinery is, any company offering to cut them down without being insured is more than likely just trying to get your money.

  2. Speaking of money, any company offering you an estimate that’s way lower than other reputable, established companies in your area is either low-balling you to get the job and something will “come up” to make your costs go way up later OR he’s just a guy with a chainsaw and probably doesn’t have the proper equipment to do the job safely and correctly. That’s fine, if the homeowner is willing to be held liable for a full-grown person climbing 50 ft. up a tree strapped to a cable and carrying a chainsaw. What could go wrong, right?

  3. You’re picking the right crew for your when they can offer you a full range of services to fit your all of your needs. Every job should be tailored to your vision, as the homeowner, and customized to suit your property. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much you can get done until you hear it from a professional. You just can’t get that level of service from an inexperienced or ill-trained crew.

Safety First, Excellence Always

Our technicians follow strict safety guidelines and we adhere to all safety rules and regulations. We ensure that our skillfully trained tree techs are cautious when approaching a project and they have an engineer-level attention to detail when it comes to safety management on and around your home and property in Columbia SC.

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Winter Is Coming

Got Logs Ready?

Tree Trimming Benefits Living in Columbia SC

Columbia sits right in the center of SC and while we don’t get a bunch of snow here, we certainly do get ice and rain… lots and lots of rain sometimes, followed up with hurricane force winds.


That can spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R for anyone who has weak or dead trees in their yard.


When dying trees have the extra weight of ice formed on its branches making them even weaker, they’re likely to break off and could cause damage to your home or, even worse, a member of your family. The same goes for hurricane tree damage. Fully grown trees toppled over onto power lines or blocking an access road can wreak havoc on our city streets.


Calling us after the damage is done is like taking the medicine after the flu is already gone. An ounce of prevention is worth an pound of cure!

When you’re proactive with your tree trimming, you trees remain healthy and strong.


Trees with dead branches are breeding grounds for pests, parasites, infections, and diseases that will end up killing the whole tree eventually. Who wants a graveyard forest around their house?! If you want your trees to stay healthy and green for a long time, get proactive and call us so we can come on out and cut away your dead branches, just in time for fall clean up, too! 


Tree Trimming will stop out-of-control tree growth.


Have you ever seen those trees that’s so big and overbearing, it looks like it’s about to eat the house sitting under it? Overgrown, unsightly trees can really mess up an otherwise aesthetically pleasing yard or landscaping. Not to mention… more leaves, more raking (but we got you covered there, too… ahem… lawn maintenance).


Tree Cutting prevents slippery leaves from spreading out across the roads (and your yard!).


Okay, so we all know everyone hates to rake the leaves up in the yard in the fall. It can really feel burdensome… giving up time on a Saturday after a long, hard week of work, doing back-breaking yard raking instead of relaxing and binging on Netflix.


But did you know the dangers of wet leaves on the road is as real and as threatening as black ice? It’s all fun and games until a car skids on the leaves from your overgrown tree and comes crashing into the side of your house.


Calling us for some preventative tree trimming and cutting to get rid of those pesky leaves before they retire for the season will make sure you don’t end up on the business end of those wet leaves.


Healthy trees bear good fruit. Tree trimming keeps them healthy.

Tree trimming and pruning will encourage vigorous growth in your fruit trees, among other factors. But it’s not just hacking away at branches and leaves. There’s actually a delicate nomenclature in different fruit trees and any cuts or slices can drastically shift the integrity of the growth, be it good or bad. You want the healthiest trees so you can have the best fruit on the block, so give us a call before you do any cutting on our fruit trees so we can make sure you have the juiciest apples this spring.

When a tree comes crashing down, it’s a scary thing, especially when it’s on or near your home. When faced with an emergency like that, you need to get a fast,  reliable tree service company that’s near you in Columbia out there to take care of it immediately.


Whether it’s from storm damage or a vehicle accident or some other act of God, you need to get it moved ASAP. We’ll come out to your property anywhere in the Midlands, Rock Hill, or other surrounding areas in SC and we’ll work to get you squared away and on the road to recouping any losses from the damage.

Is there a big ol’ ugly tree stump in your yard?

Not only is a tree stump on your property ugly to look at, there can be some ugly, creepy-crawlies, like fungi, termites, ants, beetles, and other grubs and insects that can find their way from your yard to your home. And what if your kids play near or on a tree stump? Do you really want the bugs crawling on them?


Grinding the stump into beneficial mulch is the only way to prevent all these nasties, not to mention, save your lawnmower from stump damage, as well. You can keep the mulch or we can haul it… either way, you’re left with a nice clean patch of soil to plant grass or build a gazebo on.

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