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Tree Maintenance & Care Plan in Columbia, SC

Our Columbia SC Tree Service Experts specialize in the aesthetics and curb appeal of the trees on your property with unique tree and maintenance plans that cater directly to your specific property, whether residential or commercial.

Proper care and maintenance of your trees not only gives you something to show off and make passers-by “ooh and ahh” when driving, it also raises the your property value and gives you a sense of pride every time it comes into view.

Tree Disease / Pest Prevention & Care


Our expert tree service experts and arborists are trained to notice the minute details that could indicate disease or pest problems in your trees.


We’ll examine your problem tree from the ground up, looking for signs of decay or breaks and splits in the trunk that are sure tell-tale signs of trouble.


Once we inspect the branches, limbs, and canopy, we’ll be able to determine the best treatment plan and prevention methods to pursue for your tree health.


Fruit Tree Pruning


If your fruit trees haven’t been producing big, juicy fruits, it could be time to address your pruning schedule to see if that’s what’s stifling it’s growth. Knowing when to prune your fruit tree and having expert techniques for tree pruning will cause very little shock to your fruit trees.


Our tree service specialists can help you increase your tree’s yields of a much higher quality fruit by pruning back weaker, smaller branches so they won’t suck up nutrients that would otherwise go towards the flowering fruit.


Knowing how different types of fruit trees use and disperse energy throughout is only one of the ways our tree experts help you save your fruit yields for years to come.

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Residential Tree Maintenance Plan


Your residential tree care plan would consist of: 

  • Regular trimming and pruning of trees to keep them at their healthiest.

  • Preventative measures to protect against disease and insect infestation.

  • Providing nutrients and a feeding plan to encourage vigorous healthy growth

  • Precision trimming to enhance the tree’s natural shape or trim it into the shape of your choice

  • Planting or transplanting trees and shrubs to match the aesthetics of your home.


Commercial Tree Maintenance Plan


Your commercial tree maintenance plan would consist of everything included in the residential care plan plus:

  • Extensive inspections and tree assessments of your commercial property to ensure safety for your customers, tenants, employees, etc.

  • Shrub and tree shaping to compliment your brand’s identity

  • Tree preservation plan and monitoring

  • Stressful weather and immediate storm response

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Our goal:

To give you and all our neighbors in Columbia SC the best Tree Removal Services around.

Also providing stellar tree removal in Lexington, Irmo, Rock Hill, Orangeburg, Blythewood, Elgin, Winnsboro, Newberry, Sumter, Aiken, and all other cities in Richland County, Lexington County, Newberry County, Lee County, Fairfield County, Kershaw County

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