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Tree Removal & Emergency Tarp in Columbia, SC 

We proudly provide Columbia, SC with 24/7 emergency tree service in order to be able to respond in a moment’s notice, especially the heavy storms that can happen during hurricane season.


Plenty of tornadoes touch down in South Carolina and wake up to lots of heavy ice in the winters. We’re able to respond quickly and you can be sure we’ll have come with the right equipment to get the job done right.

We know it’s a shock when something like a fallen tree happens, especially when you have a big, gaping hole in your home with an overgrown tree sticking out of it.


Our entire process from the moment you call us is to minimize the stress this disaster has caused you. Our tree service crews are specially trained to remove fallen trees of any size in the quickest, safest way possible so that you can quickly seal up the problem before even more damage is done to the inside of your home.

Tree Crisis Prevention: What Can You Do?


Most tree emergencies can be prevented with a little care and proactive tree maintenance. More than the additional cost incurred for any quick-response service, is the hazard and threat of harm to your family and your home from an uprooted tree worth saving a few bucks to get rid of offending trees on your property?


Especially when you can get a free assessment and quote from our tree specialists to take care of it before it happens.


Our professional technicians can come out and help you determine if some light tree trimming or some heavier cutting is enough to fix the distress, and if necessary, get rid of the tree, before an accident happens and harms your home.


We have a full line of tree services to help you minimize and eliminate any potential incidents before you actually have one.


Columbia SC Tree Service is your right-hand-man for any tree emergency that may arise 24/7 and can help you with all your storm damage clean up and recovery if an accident does happen.

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Storm & Hurricane Damage Cleanup and Prevention


Heavy storms that come through Columbia SC can truly devastate the property around your home. Many times when you step outside after a storm, your yard is littered with debris, large branches and dead tree limbs all over your lawn. The cleanup up phase after a storm comes with risks all on its own. You could need tools and equipment you don’t have to do it safely.


Our professional tree service clean up crews will be there for you to get your yard back in tip top shape fast. With our no BS, upfront pricing, you can put your mind at ease from the very first call. No matter how many branches there are or how big the limbs (or whole trees) are that fall, we’ll get your landscaping cleaned, shaped, and polished in a jif.


Why a Professional Storm Clean Up Crew Makes Sense


Our expert tree service crews are fast, professional, and efficient when responding to storm clean up requests. More than that, if a tree has fallen on your home or close to it, we have the equipment and machinery to get it done safely with minimal damage to your home, property, and landscaping.


And it’s not just cleaning up your yard after a storm, either. Part of our clean up process also includes having our expert arborist assess your entire property to make sure you don’t have any other safety issues looming around your home.


If our techs do find other areas of concern, they can take care of them for you on the spot, or work with you to come up with a corrective trimming and maintenance plan to get your property in its healthiest and safest for you and your family.


Emergency Tarp


Our expert clean up crews take storm response in Columbia SC as seriously as every single homeowner that calls us in distress. If a tree falls into your home or punches a giant hole in your roof, you can’t even have a repair crew come out to fix anything until you get rid of the tree.


Our tree removal technicians will take care of it fast without causing more structural damage and we won’t leave you with a huge crater in your home after we remove the tree. Once the tree is out, our crew can professionally install a high-grade tarp to cover the damage until you can get a repair crew to come out.


We know how important it is to protect the rest of your home from the elements and stray animals when a tree damages your home. You’re going to be overwhelmed and frustrated with all you have to deal with. The last thing you need is to worry about water damage or pests and rodents invading your home! We’re committed to doing our part to relieve some of that stress by protecting your property quickly, effectively, and with minimal cost to you.


Our goal:

To give you and all our neighbors in Columbia SC the best Tree Removal Services around.

Also providing stellar tree removal in Lexington, Irmo, Rock Hill, Orangeburg, Blythewood, Elgin, Winnsboro, Newberry, Sumter, Aiken, and all other cities in Richland County, Lexington County, Newberry County, Lee County, Fairfield County, Kershaw County

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