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Deciding to remove a tree can be tough for a homeowner or business owner to make without the advice and guidance of a trusted professional.


Here at Columbia SC Tree, we put together this list of 21 Reasons To Opt For Tree Removal to help you make a more informed decision when you’re ready to reach out to a professional tree company for the project.

1. Constant Falling Fruit / Nuts / Seeds / Needles


Every spring and summer, your yard, lawn, and driveway become a minefield of rotten fallen fruit, unusable nuts, and messy, prickly needles that drop due to unhealthy tree conditions - attracting all kinds of insects and stray animals, making it unsafe for your kids to play. After consulting with our expert arborist, you may find that it's too unhealthy and needs to be removed.


2. Pollen and sap all over your property (cars, patio furniture)


Did you know that sticky tree sap resin can get under the paint on your car and cause those ugly little air bubbles that absolutely ruin your car’s shine? Can you imagine how much pollen settles in your car’s air vents, causing itchy throats and red eyes long after you’ve driven away from it? How about going to sit down on your patio furniture to enjoy a glass of lemonade and your thighs are met with a syrupy, tacky, itchy mixture of tree sap, pollen, and some of those sticky needles stuck in the cushion. Removing it may be your best option to save yourself from continuously having replacing furniture and auto paint jobs, especially if you’ll be living in that home for a long time.


3. Trees stunting your lawn’s growth with too much shade


You lawn never grows as luscious and green as your neighbors because yours is blocked from the sun for half of the day by an enormous tree that sucks up all the nutrients your grass needs to grow thick and full. If your lawn turf suffers because of an overbearing tree, moving it out may be the answer.

4. Ill-placed trees are blocking your view

Let’s face it, sometimes a tree is just in the wrong place. Maybe it was planted in an awkward place or maybe the previous homeowner built in an awkward place, either way… you’re the one suffering the ugly views now. A well-placed tree can offer your home an upgrade and provide a much needed comfort but a poorly placed one can drastically devalue the look of any property.

5. Unsightly, overgrown, and crowding your house


Sometimes, people plant trees near their homes without really understanding how differently they grow when they reach full maturity. Large overgrown trees near your home can go from feeling like a hug for feeling suffocating around a house. We'll always recommended removing it when the integrity of the home is threatened.

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6. Its lifting and cracking the walkway or driveway

When you start to notice cracks and lifts in the concrete or asphalt in your driveway caused by the roots growing out from a nearby tree, measures need to be taken to prevent further damage. Repaving over the cracks won’t do any good in this situation. If root pruning isn’t a viable option, get rid of it before fixing the driveway or walkway.


7. It’s too close to your home or other structures in the property and growing into the foundation

Sometimes trees are packed in way too close to your home and as it grows, it can cause some major issues to the foundation and overall structural integrity of the entire house. If it looks like other options like root barriers and trimming the tree back won’t fix the problem permanently, we’ll recommend proceeding with pulling it up to protect your home from major future issues.

8. It’s in the way of your new construction, like a gazebo or in-ground pool

You’re finally ready to upgrade your home with some luxury items like a new gazebo or large outside BBQ pit and, frankly, the tree is just in the way. Now, of course, if you can plan the construction of something to work around a healthy tree, we’d always want to go that route, but sometimes that’s just not possible, like in the case of a new pool. No one wants a pool filled with leaves and nuts except the pool cleaners, right? Talk to us about some landscape architecture when you give us a call.

9. The roots are growing into your pipes and sewer lines (or threatening to)

Are you aware that most homeowner’s insurance won’t cover you if roots are growing into your pipes or sewer lines and cause damage? The thing is, if there is extra moisture buildup around the area, the roots will grow towards it. Have our technicians come out and assess your home’s potential for damage and see what steps are necessary.

10. It’s dead or dying, causing a hazard near your home or other centrally located area

Dead trees that are far away from high traffic areas around your home are fine to leave for birds and other animals that nest in them. But when the dead tree is in an area that you use regularly, it can be dangerous. The only thing we would recommend in this case is to remove the tree.

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11. It’s diseased and risks spreading to other trees in the area

Sometimes, it’s not so obvious to tell when a tree is diseased if you don’t know what signs to look for. Our Tree MD’s can help you figure out what’s ailing your tree and assess if it can be treated or needs to go, if other trees on your property are at risk from picking up the disease.

12. It was damaged in a storm or an accident and is now unstable

We have some pretty intense storms here in Columbia, SC and too often we see huge trees toppled over in the roads and fallen branches blocking access to main highways. Obviously, regular tree maintenance to keep your trees healthy is the first step to preventing these types of disasters. But, when hurricane season is bearing down on you and you have a nearby tree that’s causing you worry, have one of our tree service technicians come out and see if any of the trees should be removed or treated in some other way to maximize the safety of your property.

13. It's pushing against your power lines

Everyone knows the danger of trees leaning against power lines and the electric company will send out a contractor to cut them away. But their job isn’t to care about your property. It’s to clear their power lines. They have no problem hacking away at your tree, leaving you a big stump to then deal with and you really have no say in it. Get our tree service professionals out there before you run into that problem and get proactive in protecting your family from that potential hazard.

14. It's leaning into your home or hanging over your roof

That last thing you want is to find out that overhanging tree branches have poked a hole in your roof after the rain has already started leaking into your home, soaking your carpets and furniture. Tree branches blowing in the wind can pull up shingles on your roof and cause really expensive damage to your home. And if any part of a tree is leaning and growing into your home, just trimming and cutting it away may not be enough. Digging up and transplanting a healthy tree is probably your best option.

15. They weren’t planted right to begin with

Sometimes they’re planted too close to each other and they battle each other to thrive. Sometimes the wrong type of tree is planted near a home, without considering how it grows later in its life cycle. If you like having a tree near your home, consider having our tree service technicians remove the offending tree and plant a more workable species for your property and your vision.

16. It gives rodents, snakes, and other animals around the clock access to your roof

Between mice, squirrels, and snakes… which one would you rather have visiting your home on a regular basis? That’s exactly what can happen when you have a poorly planted tree hanging over your roof or into your home. You’re creating a bridge between your home and all the creepy-crawly critters out there in South Carolina. 

17. Leaves and branches fall into rain gutters, clogging them up

A large tree near your home can clog up your gutters if not properly maintained. Cutting back the tree branches is a possible option, but it won’t ensure the problem won’t return in the long run. Moving it might make more sense to solve the problem in the long term. Our tree specialists can help you figure that out.

18. Wet leaves fall onto your roof and pile up in big, wet, rotting heaps

Heavy, rain-soaked branches and leaves can wreak havoc when they start piling up on top of your roof, rotting away. You probably don’t think of cleaning your roof often, so you’ll never really know until it’s too late, so removing the problem tree altogether might make more sense than waiting for the roof to cave in (pun intended.)

19. Areas of your home exterior or yard are always damp and growing mildew because of constant shade from a tree

Many homes here in Columbia, SC have a vinyl siding exterior and porches and decks made of wood. When a large tree is present and is shading the area for an extended period of time, coupled with our heavy rains, the constant dampness can cause mildew to form on the home and dry rot your porch. Our technicians can help you determine a recommended course of action to solve our growing mildew problem.

20. An entire family of insects and bugs have taken up residence inside your tree

Whether it’s wood-boring beetles and termites eating away at your healthy tree or other secondary invading insects that show up after it starts decaying, it’s something you don’t want in your yard as it can easily transfer to your home before you know it. If the tree is too far gone to be treated or the insects are spreading to your yard and garden or home, taking it down might be the smartest move.

21. Giant branches falling off a tree randomly where your kids run around and play

And last but not least, your kids deserve a safe place to play. Too often a new homeowner is excited to throw up their child’s first tire swing, not realizing the it's weakening from the inside out. Kids climb trees for fun all the time, but how often do they know to check for its health before they do. Any time your child could potentially be playing around a tree, you should ensure its branches are strong and healthy. If the tree is questionable, you might need to remove it just to ensure your kids aren’t tempted to climb it or play under it when branches can fall off at any moment.

If you suspect any of these things are going on and you want to protect your peace of mind, Call Us Now for your Free Quote and take advantage of our Fast Action For Fall Special Bonus Pricing.

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